Daily Goodies
365 Thoughts on
Scriptural Truths
This is a great resource for personal and family study, as well as a valuable reference volume covering many varied biblical themes.This is a collection of choice selections from the author’s
Daily E-mail Goodies. These free daily e-mails began being issued in 2003 and contain studies on scriptural themes.
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What our readers are saying about Daily Goodies:
By Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
“With all the negative material in circulation I find these are a breath of fresh air.
They build strength into the joint body Christ.” - Australia

“Mind boggling truths. So contrary to the world and the religious system. Wonderful.– PA

Thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge and insight you have with the world. –The Netherlands

“So great and easy for me to understand.” – CO

“His chosen will identify with every word.” – ME

“Profound! Comforting! Calming! Wonderful!” – NC

“They provide plenty of food for thought.” – IL

“Great insights into the Word.” – Canada

“Excellent!”– NM
“Uplifting, convicting, and encouraging!” – ID

“They open our (my wife and myself) eyes for what is
written in the Scripture. They are very constructive for
our spiritual life.” – Belgium

“A source of education and assurance.” – TN

“A true source of ‘building up’ and not tearing down!”– WA

“Everything is so beautifully and understandably explained!”– SC
“A helpful resource for me as I lead my family in worship
and study.” – IA

“One of the most powerful and convicting works that
has come across my desk in a long time. Wow, do I have
a much different perspective regarding who and what I
am.” – VT

“Marvelous truths.” – TX

“Far too many believers in Christ have never heard or
truly realized this message. If they did it would set them
free and bring the peace they often spend years seeking.
Great stuff!” OH

“Very excellent indeed!” – CA
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