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Dispensational Books

Resources emphasizing God's present purpose with the Body of Christ in the Dispensation of Grace, and the distinct ministry and message of Paul, the Apostle.

The Ages: God’s Time Periods  (#0780) by Edward Henry Clayton. It covers: the purpose of the ages, eonian life, the number of ages, the present age, and the ages to come. 38 page PB $4.95

The Church which Is His Body and The Bride the Lamb’s Wife (#1348) by J. H. Kessler. “In Scripture the church of this dispensation is symbolized as ‘the Body of Christ,’ never as ‘the Bride.’” - Sir Robert Anderson, The Coming Prince. 48p BK $10.95

Companion Bible Appendixes (Enlarged Type) (#4384) The full 198 appendices from the Companion Bible, printed separately. (8 1/2 x 11 Format). 264pp. Paperback (PB)  $19.95

The Dispensations: and Israel Dispensational Considered (An Enigma Solved, a Puzzle Unraveled) (#1139) by Hazel I. Brown. Chapters include a basic overview of a mid-Acts dispensational view of Scriptures. Revised Edition (1986) Facsimile Paperback, 68 pages, $5.95

The Divine Calendar (#0134) by A. E. Knoch. This is an excellent primer for those just learning of God's glorious plan and purpose of the ages. It displays the principal time periods of the Scriptures and their relation to one another. Failure to distinguish the various time periods has resulted in great confusion as to the ultimate destiny of God's creation. This work covers the 5 ages, 3 heavens and earths, 2 creations, 5 worlds, 12 economies, 4 monarchs, and 3 days, with chart. 56 page PB. $4.95
 **BACK IN PRINT**  Forgotten Truths Reaffirmed (#0486) compiled by John H. Kessler. A collection of excerpts from 27 authors supporting a dispensational approach of Scripture toward the Acts 28 position view such as: Sir Robert Anderson, Lewis Sperry Chafer, A.C. Gaebelein, James M. Gray, I.M. Haldeman, H.A. Ironside, Clarence Larkin, F.E. Marsh, J. Eustace, Harold P. Morgan, William L. Pettingill, Samuel Ridout , W. Graham Scroggie, W. H. Griffith Thomas, Leon Tucker, and Charles H. Welch.

Chapters include: When Was the Mystery Made Known? Do the Four Gospel Narratives Relate to Christ’s Body? Are the Epistles of Peter, James, John, Jude and the Epistle to the Hebrews, Related Christ’s Body? What Was the Ministry of the Twelve Apostles? Is the Great Commission the Marching Order for Christ’s Body? Have Baptism and The Lord’s Supper Any Place in Christ’s Body? Is Christ’s Body, the Bride of Christ? When Was Israel As a Nation Set Aside? Where Is the Dispensational Boundary? 4th Edition Facsimile Paperback, 71 pages, $5.95

Foundations of Dispensational Truth, The (#8335) by E. W. Bullinger. 260pp. PB $19.95

God's Church: It's Calling, Hope, and Motive (#1674) by E. W. Bullinger. A study of the church, the Body of Christ. A look into our calling, hope, and motive for service. ISBN: 1934251429 / 9781934251423  -- 44 page. BK (Retail Price $10.95) Special $9.95



God’s Eonian Purpose by Adlai Loudy This work is a thorough review of God’s plan and purpose, gathering together many of the most basic themes of Scripture, including The Beginning of Creation, The Eons and Administrations, Justification, The Conciliation, Completeness in Christ, and The Goal of the Universe. These and other vital subjects are presented in an interesting and informative manner which will appeal to the sincere student of Scripture for the strengthening of faith. The book contains charts and illustrations which provide a welcome visual supplement to the text. We live in a day when few believers have a good grasp of the truth that God has a purpose. Many reason that as long as they themselves are saved, nothing else really matters. But to know Christ and to rejoice in the glory of God is just as important. We need to listen to His Word and receive the glorious revelations He has made concerning His operations and goal if we are to possess real joy and satisfying peace. 383p

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PB - $12.95

HB - $16.95

God’s Plan for Man: A Journey of Surprises (#5039) by Kenneth Joyce. This is a condensed adaptation of Adlai Loudy’s classic work God’s Eonian Purpose. “This book will delight you as you read of God’s purpose of all mankind. Written in clear and simple language, it traces the purpose of God from earliest revelation to its fulfillment in the reconciliation of all to God in righteousness.” - Andrew Maclarty, Grace & Truth. 88 page PB $9.95

God’s Truths Recovered: Beyond the Reformation (#1122) by Danny Russino. God’s Truths Recovered is a study manual which covers such topics as: The eons and their importance; eternity; Satan; evil; administrations; rightly dividing the word; the gospel of the circumcision and un-circumcision; the church; book of Acts; Paul’s epistles; salvation; justification; reconciliation; maturity in Christ; human traditions; baptism of the holy spirit; born again; new creation; the body and bride; trinity; spiritual gifts; gifts for today; healing; suffering; reigning; revealed secrets; Israel’s future; your future; God’s unconditional love; the Deity; hell; lake of fire; death; pagan philosophy; immortality; soul; second death; resurrection; vivification; judgment; great white throne; secret of Christ and more. (4th edition) 286 page 8 1/2 x 11 PB $21.95

Gospel Of Our Salvation, The (#3905) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). This book explores the various gospels of the Scripture, with a special emphasis given to the message of God’s grace for believers today. This work embraces the salvation of all mankind. 122 page hardback $12.95

How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures (#5683) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). This book deals chiefly with the correct partitioning of the Word of Truth. The seven chapters are titled as follows: God Has Spoken; A Divine Admonition of Endeavor; How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures; Have a Pattern of Sound Words; Distinguish the Things that Differ; Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, and the Conclusion. “The book should prove extremely valuable in introducing the knowledge of Paul's special ministry to those who are strangers to it.” - A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). Booklet. 72 pages. $4.95

Moses And Paul (#3333) by C. R. Stam. This is a simple approach to dispensational truth, comparing and contrasting the two dispensers - Moses the dispenser of Law, and Paul the dispenser of Grace. This work will prove both refreshing and helpful to the study of God’s Word and His dispensational dealings under these two men. 81pp. PB $8.95
Mystery, The: Secret Truth Revealed (#1844) by E. W. Bullinger. There is no subject of greater importance to the Church of God than that which, in the New Testament, is called "The Mystery." 5 Mysteries of the New Testament are carefully considers, with significance being placed upon the "Great" secret concerning "the Body of Christ." ISBN: 1934251399 / 9781934251393 -- 68 pages PB  (Retail Price $11.95) Special $9.95

Mystery of the Gospel, The (#4340) by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). The “mysteries” in God’s Holy Word are simply secrets. Once they were hidden and could not be known. When Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, was held captive in Rome, his burning desire was to blaze abroad the Secret. No longer could he go among the ecclesias to impart God’s glorious revelation, so in Ephesians 6:19 he asked his readers to pray for him that he might open his mouth with boldness “to make known the secret of the evangel.” 297 page PB. $10.95

Our Great Commission: What Is It? (#3335) by C. R. Stam. A compelling, look at the current commission for the Body of Christ and how it differs with the so called "Great Commission". 142pp. Paperback  $9.95 

Paul, His Apostleship and Message (#3372) by C. R. Stam. 192pp. HB $10.95

Paul Versus Peter, Or Remarks on Galatians 1 & 2 (#3374) by William R. Newell. This work shows the distinguishing difference between the gospels preached by Peter and Paul. 76pp. PB - ISBN: 9781934251225 $11.95


Paul's Gospel  by William R. Newell. This is a great tract, a clear treatise on the truth of God for this age.  This is the introduction from Paul vs. Peter, published separately. 4pp. BK/ Tract 
  #8901 Paul’s Gospel Single Copy 29¢
  #8902 Paul’s Gospel 25-Pack  (16¢ each)   $4.00
  #8903 Paul’s Gospel 50-Pack  (14¢ each)


  #8904 Paul’s Gospel 100-Pack (10¢ each) $10.00
  #8905 Paul’s Gospel 250-Pack (8¢ each)  $20.00
Single Copy 29¢

Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth  by C. I. Scofield. (#5825) What are the important divisions of Scripture? Since it was first published in 1885, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth has helped millions around the world to better understand the Word of God. The ten chapters include: (1) The Jew, the Gentile, and the Church; (2) The Seven Dispensations; (3) The Two Advents; (4) The Two Resurrections; (5) The Five Judgments; (6) Law and Grace; (7) The Two Natures; (8) The Believer’s Standing and State; (9) Salvation and Rewards; (10) Believers and Professors. 102 page PB ISBN: 9781934251379 -- Enlarged Type Edition $10.95

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Short Papers (Volume 1) (#1680) by E. W. Bullinger. ISBN: 1934251291 / 97819342511294 -- 86 pages. PB (Retail Price $12.95) Special  $11.95


Chapter 1: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"

Chapter 2: "The Christians Greatest Need"

Chapter 3: "Stablished-Strenthened-Settled"

Chapter 4: “The Loss and Recovery of Truth"

Chapter 5: Abraham Believed God

Chapter 6: Crucified with Christ

Chapter 7: A New Creation

Chapter 8: The Christian’s Standing, Object and Hope


Short Papers (Volume 2) (#1350) by E. W. Bullinger. ISBN:  1934251666 / 9781934251669 -- 176 pages. PB (Retail Price $14.95) Special  $12.95
Chapter 1: "Holiness – God’s Way Better than Man’s"

Chapter 2: "The Vail"

Chapter 3: "Sanctification"

Chapter 4: “Made Meet"

Chapter 5:  "The Guilty by No Means Cleared"

Chapter 6: "Be Perfect"

Chapter 7: "Perfection"

Chapter 8: "Where to Worship"

Chapter 9: "The Seven Sayings by the Well"

Chapter 10: "The Royal Road to Holiness"

Chapter 11: "Prayer"

Chapter 12: "Leaven"

Chapter 13: "Man of God"


Spirit Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues, The (#3450) by Sir Robert Anderson. We live in a day of extravagant claims of the miraculous. Written in 1909, this is a look at what the Bible has to say about such miraculous gifts for today. 56 pp. PB $4.95

Things That Differ: The Fundamentals of Dispensationalism by C. R. Stam. This book is a comprehensive study of dispensational truth, demonstrating the fact that the dispensational method of Bible Study is the only one by which the Bible makes sense. Probably more than any other book in print, it has been used to help open eyes to what the Paul called, "the revelation of the mystery." This book is a must for your personal Bible study. Give an extra copy to a friend. 291pp.

Paperpack #3488 $9.95

Hardback (HB) #3497  $13.50

Spanish PB #1445 $9.95

PB $9.95

HB $13.50






Things to Come: A Journal of Biblical Literature (Volumes) by E. W. Bullinger. This is an on-going reprinting of Bullinger’s 22 volume Bible study periodical Things to Come. These were originally published from 1894-1915. These volumes are 8 x 11 size. A treasured set for the Bible student. This set has extensive writings from the pen of E. W. Bullinger, and other contributors include:

Sir Robert Anderson; W. H. Bacon; E. J. Baldwin; Horatius Bonar; H. C. Bowker; William Tucker Broad; William G. Carr; George Chamberlain; Elder Cumming; S. D. C. Douglas; A. R. Fairfield; Canon Fausset; H. W. Fry; Thomas George; Fuller Gooch; A. J. Gordon; I. M. Haldeman; A. B. Hutchinson; A. E. Knoch; Louis Liesching; F. E. Marsh; James E. Mathifson; Philip Mauro; Thomas More; Thomas Neatby; F. Newth; Ivan Panin; D. M. Panton; G. H. Pember; Adolph Saphir; W. Graham Scroggie; John Sloan; James Christopher Smith; Col. G. T. Van Someren; C. H. Spurgeon; D. M. Stearns; Alexander Steuart; Col. E. H. Thomas; W. H. Griffith Thomas; W. Hayes Topping; George F. Trench; A. F. Watson; Thomas Waugh; and Charles Welch

Currently available: Volume 1 (#1984); Volume 2 (#1985) PB $19.95 each 

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Two-Fold Purpose of God, The (#3507) by C. R. Stam. Contrasts the two programs of God in relation to the incarnation, death, burial and resurrection of Christ. w/Scripture Index 85pp.PB $9.95

Why Paul? by A. A. Sandoz.

A 25 point Bible study out-line setting forth Paul’s distinctive heavenly calling and ministry. Unveiling practical truth veiled by traditions. 8pp BK (Tract).

#8801    Single Copy                        49¢
#8802    25-Pack (32¢each)         $8.00
#8803    50-Pack (28¢ each)      $14.00
#8804    100-Pack (20¢ each)    $20.00
#8805    250-Pack (16¢ each)    $40.00

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